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Spryker App Composition Platform

Spryker’s new App Composition Platform allows Spryker Cloud customers to try out 3rd party services with their online business in the most seamless, secure and curated way.

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App Composition Platform Benefits

Spryker’s Offer

  • Business Benefits

    • Reduced costs and time-to-market due to quick installations
    • Best-of-breed approach allows for the best customer experience
    • Reduced risks with fully functional trials
    • Only pay for what you use with consumption-based billing
  • Technical Benefits

    • Composable architecture with easy and no-code integration saves developer times
    • Secure development and deployment process with Spryker as Single POC / Integration Owner
    • Scalable for rapid growth and expansion with app

App Composition Platform Catalog

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Revolutionizing Access to Third-Party Apps

As more enterprises build web-based applications to facilitate unique customer experiences, access to 3rd-party apps could become even more crucial. Discover why the Spryker App Composition Platform is relevant and what its users can expect both now and in the future.

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How Spryker’s App Composition Platform is Enabling a Composable Future

Many digital commerce experts believe adopting a composable approach is a way to future-proof your business. Find out how Spryker’s solution to address the problem of rigidity in relation to 3rd-party integrations is the Spryker App Composition Platform.

App Composition Platform

Bringing a unique, easy-to-use experience to our customers while solving the software lifecycle problem for our tech partners is something we have been working on for the last 2 years. Allowing for easy trials and one-click connections to apps in a curated setting will help our customers grow even faster.

Boris Lokschin CEO, Spryker

Recent Release

  • Develop an App using our Spryker SDK!

    August 2022

    You can build a new app with the help of the SprykerSDK.

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  • Algolia Search Engine has been added as an App!

    March 2023

    The Algolia search engine stands out due to its performance. With the Algolia app, your users can conduct advanced searches of active concrete products in your store.

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