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How can Companies in the Trade Sector Excel in Digital Transformation?

Social and technological transformations have changed the way many companies think about their strategy and goals. Through digitization and new technology , businesses are striving to meet customers’ expectations with more engaging online experiences, shared social responsibility, and more sustainable processes.

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The State of Trade: Challenges and Solutions

Ask any business in the trade sector how they have been doing in the past few years, and the answer would simply be: 'we've been through a lot'. After the seismic shift of the pandemic, social transformations and technological changes have led many companies to rethink their strategy and goals. Through digitization and new technology , they now need to focus on a more engaging online experience, while social responsibility and sustainability have become top priorities.

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Digital Commerce in Food and Beverage

Groceries seem to be the last thing that people still largely buy offline today. But even though the shift happens slower than in other retail segments, the digital transformation is inevitably progressing for food and beverages as well. So far, the role of digital channels for groceries has often been restricted to price research, and Amazon held large shares of the overall small number of digital grocery purchases.

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Digital Commerce in Wholesale

Around the world, wholesale distribution supply networks are shifting towards e-commerce technologies that allow companies to make better use of existing resources while developing sustainable strategies for future success. Tremendous opportunities exist for companies that are able to leverage the technology of the moment to create competitive advantages that will last long into the future.

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