30th March - 1st April 2022

17th Heads of Schools Meeting: Hosted by Polis University,

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About the Event

AESOP Head of Schools Meeting 2022

“Planning Education and Research in Post Covid Europe”,

Polis University, Tirana Albania

 Education has faced several challenges during the 2020-2021 period due to the COVID-19 pandemics. With the prospect of re-opening of activities, including education, we would like to open a discussion among planning schools regarding the prospects of change that could be initiated. Questions such as “Are we going to move back to business as usual? Do we need to change our (planning) curricula? Do we need to change the approach in teaching next generation planners? Do we need to change our approach in planning research?” are most likely in the minds and in the discussions of all planning schools.

Hence, we believe this is a great opportunity to bring together AESOP Heads of Schools to jointly discuss about the prospects and challenges of planning education after the pandemics.



This three-day event will start with the Exco meeting and Co-rep meeting the first two days, the Third day our organizers have integrated one international Keynote four roundtables, a local keynote and a guided tour of Tirana.

30th March 2022 | ExCo meeting

A full day dedicated to the ExCo meeting, for more information please visit the full program

31st March 2022 | CO Rep meeting

A full day dedicated to the CO Rep meeting, for more information please visit the full program

1st April 2022 | “Planning Education and Research in Post Covid Europe

The 2022 Head of Schools meeting (HOS) organized by Polis University aims to bring together in

Critical light the discussion regarding Planning education, curricula and practice in the post- covid situation.

Round table one and Round table two organization

Leads: Panteleon Skayaynis & Roelof Verhage

“The Evolution of Planning curricula”

This roundtable will be dedicated to understanding the evolution of the planning curricula, current challenges and the need for adaptation.


Round Table three

Leads: Dr.  Daniel Galland

“Excellence in Education and quality recognition”

This roundtable will focus on research in planning education quality recognition. How can research in planning support the new knowledge on creating healthier, sustainable and more resilient spaces of co-habitation



Keynote Speaker

 Prof Cassidy Johnson

Professor of Urbanism and Disaster Risk Reduction
Co-authors of the survey on planning education with Dr. Richard Sliuzas and Dr. Adriana Galderisi.

Topic: Climate Change and Planning Education

Cassidy Johnson is Professor of Urbanism and Disaster Risk Reduction at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL, where she researches and teaches about disaster risk, post-disaster recovery and climate change adaptation. Hailing from Canada, she has been been at UCL since 2006.

My academic interests are linked by a commitment to improve the quality of life and livelihoods of low-income groups living in urban areas. My research contributes to the area of disaster risk reduction and recovery and to the role of local governments and civil society in this – and to integrating an understanding of disaster-risk into development. This has encompassed issues of urban planning, housing quality, building code regulations, informal settlements (and upgrading) and evictions. My work engages internationally with policy makers as well as with local communities and I have worked in more than eight countries across Asia and Africa, including Turkey, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi

Keynote Speaker

Prof Besnik Aliaj

Topic: Planning Education the Institutional challenge

 Prof Besnik Aliaj is one of the founders and the Rector of POLIS University. He is one of the co-founders and former head of COPLAN, a pioneering professional institution in the planning field; he is the founder of the architecture studio “Metro-POLIS”, and the “Forum A+P” magazine, the only periodic scientific one in the Albanian-speaking countries on architecture and urban planning; by considerably extending the range of his scientific, theoretical and practical contributions in the fields of interest.

 As head of Polis university this local keynote will focus on the educational challenges that institutions and mainly Polis has faced during these years, the need for adaptation and constant resilience to quickly adapt to  e-learning, new methods and a shift from the traditional classroom.

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“Planning Education and Research in Post Covid Europe”

17th Heads of Schools Meeting: Hosted by Polis University,
30th March – 1st April 2022