POLIS University, is a young, yet ambitious and engaged high education institution, quality research-led university, supporting a focused range of core disciplines in the fields of urban planning, environmental management, design, architecture, engineering, and computer science. The University, whose reputation as a leading academic institution in the country was reconfirmed by the report of the Commission for National Reform for Higher Education and Scientific Research in 2015, counts three faculties

POLIS University is a dynamic and engaged higher education institution located in Tirana, Albania. Its mission is to provide excellence in the education of professionals and scientific researchers capable of addressing the needs of the market and society in areas of interest at home and abroad. Established in 2006, POLIS University, The International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies is a young, yet ambitious and engaged high education institution, quality research-led university, supporting a focused range of core disciplines in the fields of architecture, urban planning, design and environmental management.

POLIS provides knowledge, technology, and leadership for people in four core disciplines: architecture, urban planning, art and design, and environment. POLIS is a strong believer in the role of independent, scientific research and stronger higher education institutes in the development of Western Balkan countries. It delivers study programs in various levels, post- secondary, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate and Life Long Learning in the field of design, architecture and engineering, science of territory, management and policy development, such as: Bachelor programs in: Art Design, Civil Engineering, Environmental Studies, Computer Science, as well as a post-secondary professional school in 1. Energy Efficiency, 2. Maintenance of Computer Networks.  It offers Master of Science programs in: Applied Design, Civil Engineering (two profiles: Structures & Geotechnics), Urban Environmental Management. U_POLIS also offers Professional Masters in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning, Urban Social Development & Human Resources, Masters in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Real Estate, Marketing and Strategy. About 50% of the study programs, especially on a Master and PhD level, are offered in cooperation with a foreign partner, such as: IHS – Institute for Housing and Urban Development Policies, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Lawrence Tech Detroit, USA; University of Ferrara, Italy, etc., including the MBA program, implemented as a joint degree between IPAG Business School, Paris, France and POLIS.

Besides education, POLIS has been invested in carrying out research and innovation, seeking to positively influence the development of the country and the region. The ambition is to become a regional platform and reference point in the Balkans, Adriatic and Ionian region.

POLIS has always considered itself an integral part of the innovation eco-system and has established  strong links with a number of partners, locally and international from Academia (HEIs, Research Institutes, Centers of Excellence), industry (corporation’s, SME, chamber of commerce) and governance (central and local governments, agencies etc)

Since its establishment, POLIS has adopted an inclusive and participatory approach working closely with the local communities and governance (especially with regard to the legalization and integration of informal settlements and territorial governance). It has developed a number of local development plans for a number of municipalities which called for citizen participation and consultations with various stakeholders.

Recently POLIS has established a digital fabrication and rapid prototyping lab that will foster cooperation with local and regional actors (industry, start-ups, but also fellow innovators)

In cooperation to an extensive network of partners, POLIS has designed, and implemented a rich portfolio of projects such as:

-Several projects on a local scale such as Territorial Plans, General Development Policies and General Local Plans for numerous communes and municipalities in the country such as: Shkodra, Vora, Zagoria, Has, Bajram Curri, Librazhd, Burrel, Krumë, etc.;

– POLIS University is implementing many projects for Capacity Building in Higher Education, in two of which POLIS University is in the role of Coordinator.  The project “Developing Research and Innovation Capacities in Albania and Kosovo / DRIVE” and “Inclusive tertiary Education in the West Balkans / IDEA “,

– Also, a number of cooperation’s have happened with local institutions and partners such as National Territorial Planning Agency, Tirana Municipality, Shkodra Municipality, The agency of Protected areas, Ministries of Culture ect. The cooperation between these actors has been a long-standing partnership of knowledge exchange and mutual contributions.

Transfer and application of knowledge and direct involvement in projects constitutes to POLIS’ objectives, and it’s instrumental to its teaching excellence and overall mission. The university has a growing portfolio of implemented projects, be it in the capacity of partner or lead partner, both on a local, regional and international scale.


September 2022

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